Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunrise Walk

I almost forgot how great it is to walk on an ocean beach, but I was reminded by my recent trip to South Carolina.

Charleston Bridge at Night

I was told the bridge cables were designed to look like sails.

Historic Charleston Church

My first Charleston, SC visit. A very beautiful city.

Folly Beach Pier

I used a gaussian blur filter with a dark blending mode on this image. I like the affect, however, many do not care for it because it looks too blury.

Pier at Folly Beach

The Folly Beach Pier was spectacular.

Ocean Sunrise

The bad thing about staying on the east coast is in order to get this photo you have to get up early.

Beach House

The beach house where I stayed while in South Carolina.

South Carolina Sunrise

I went on vacation to Folly Beach South Carolina. This is my favorite sunrise picture.